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Watch John Vuli Gate unofficial - Mapara A Jazz ft Ntosh Gazi & Colano MP4

Title:John Vuli Gate unofficial - Mapara A Jazz ft Ntosh Gazi & Colano
Channel:Ntosh Gazi
Upload Date:6 Months ago
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Unofficial music video for 'John Vuli Gate' by @Candid with Candice

Let them girls have fun as it was created for that
Save your bad energy for something else

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Written - Ntosh Gazi, Mapara A Jazz & Colano
Produced - @Candid with Candice
Director - @Candid with Candice

The stars aligned for the Soweto based musician when Mapara A Jazz played their be and so a collaboration that boasts an internationally acclaimed song ensued. Behind the many layers to the track the message is subliminal but clear nothing that John is an actual person who happens to be favourable with the ladies and infiuential with celebrities. A one may know that the media entertainment industry has gatekeepers- thus John vuli Gate, Ntosh Gazl is indirectiy through his musical ingenuity coaxing John to open the gates beyond women (Stocko) but to broader society in the film, music and art industry. The smash hit not only resonates with the young but also with the old seeing that it highlights a societal issue on a bigger scale, implorning that gates be opened to upcoming musicians, creatives and hustlers across all walks of life.#JohnVuliGate #Amapiano #NtoshGazi
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