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Title:ANDY BUMUNTU - Kk 509 St
Upload Date:7 Months ago
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Andy BUMUNTU singer and songwriter whose powerful voice and songwriting skills have established him as a remarkable presence in the Afro, Kizomba, and pop rhythms regionally, On fire and Valentine being his break out hits regionally,now he brings his new single KK 509 st ,the story of a normal street that turned to be unforgettable and stayeth forever engraved in his memory.

Kk 509 st Out now
Listen at https://backl.ink/142676385
Video Lyrics: https://youtu.be/fZbwpdcsGyY
For more, 
Visit: https://www.instagram.com/andy_bumuntu https://www.twitter.com/andy_bumuntu 
Credits: Written by Andy Bumuntu 
Actress : Cycy_beauty
Audio: Flyest Music 
Video: BIG TEAM & DRIC.Ent
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