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The ISO is committed to building alternative voices in the fight for a better world! Check out our publications:

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Info and Pamphlets on the politics of the ISO:
  • How to Join the ISO
  • ISO Members Toolkit (A booklet that includes information on the structure of the ISO, what it means to be a member, and resources for members)
  • Where We Stand Packet (A collection of articles that explains the ISO’s core “Where We Stand” statement in more detail)
  • New Member Education Program (An education plan for people who have recently joined the ISO)
  • ISO Campus Toolkit (A collection of information and resources for building socialist organization on campuses)
  • Marx Matters (A collection of articles from Socialist Worker that elaborate the principles of the Marxist tradition and how socialists can use those principles as a guide for changing society)
  • The ISO and the Revolutionary Left (A pamphlet describing the ISO’s political tradition)

Other Pamphlets

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