From The debates about caste and class in India go back many decades, but they remain relevant today, writes Steve Leigh in a review of a new book by Arundhati Roy. June 19, 2017 IN THE Doctor and the Saint, writer and political activist Arundhati Roy invites readers to […]

The question of caste

Activist and artist Nikkita Oliver of the People's Party in Seattle
The International Soicalist Organization is proud to say that we are endorsing Nikkita Oliver for Mayor of Seattle!  Find out more about the campaign at the Seattle People’s Party website and volunteer to help the campaign or make a donation.     From Challenging Seattle’s broken system June 15, […]

Vote Nikkita Oliver for Mayor of Seattle!

From In the latest installment of our User’s Guide to Marxism series, Leela Yellesetty explains why exploitation is the secret behind the inequality built into capitalism. June 14, 2017 RECENT ARTICLES in the New York Times and elsewhere have highlighted the spread of so-called “noncompete clauses” in employment contracts. […]

How free is “free” labor?

Originally published at Socialist Worker: Leela Yellesetty reports on a recent emergency at the Hanford Nuclear Site and the history of malign neglect that endangers every worker in the area. May 15, 2017 THE HANFORD Nuclear Site in eastern Washington–once called “the most toxic place in America”–declared an emergency after […]

Paying for Hanford’s toxic legacy

From Bernie Sanders’ decision to support an anti-choice Democrat reveals a deeper problem with a party that routinely gives ground on abortion rights, writes Leela Yellesetty. April 26, 2017 BERNIE SANDERS drew fire from abortion rights supporters last week when, as part of the Democratic National Committee’s “Unity Tour,” […]

Why is “unity” at the expense of choice?

From Socialist Worker: Amad Ross writes from Seattle with a proposal for students to consider for May 1. April 18, 2017 HERE IN Seattle, the favored topic of small talk has shifted from the clouds and rain to the president and his incompetence. Students at my high school have formed relationships […]

Make May Day a day of resistance