Winter Break – No Meetings Dec. 25 & Jan 1

The Seattle ISO will be taking a break from meetings for two weeks! Our next meeting will be on January 8.

While we’re on break, many of us will be reading the book Fighting Fascism: How to Struggle and How to Win by Clara Zetkin.

Clara Zetkin (1857–1933) was a German Marxist theorist, activist, and advocate for women’s rights. She presented this Report and Resolution on fascism at the June 1923 enlarged plenum of the Communist International’s executive committee. At a time when fascism was a new and little-understood phenomenon, Zetkin’s work proposed a sweeping plan for the unity of all victims of capitalism in an ideological and political campaign against the fascist danger.

Amidst a rise in hate crimes and fascist organizing across the U.S. and around the world, this book provides valuable insight into fascist ideology and how we can organize against it.

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