Oct. 4: Cancel Kavanaugh!

Thursday, October 4
5:00 p.m.
Westlake Park
401 Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98101

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**WEAR RED to stand in solidarity with Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women**

Indigenous and native women, women and people of color and our trans siblings will be most affected by the draconian laws and policies that a Kavanaugh confirmation are sure to uphold if he is appointed to the Supreme Court. Please wear red to show your solidarity.

The past weeks’ credible allegations of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct have instilled fear and outrage in people around the country. Our national government is set to appoint a known sexual assaulter to serve a lifetime appointment on the nation’s highest judicial body, giving him the power to decide the fate of abortion rights, immigrant rights, rights of the incarcerated, civil rights, labor rights, etc. In response, International Women’s Strike has called for a national day of action, which has since been endorsed by various other groups: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSck1jZu3e4YOQYNR2XiB661Sb68aHTL-SL1X_GZxaEV4OnTJA/viewform.

This national action calls for all waged and unwaged workers to walk out at 4 PM from work, school, homes, etc. We are calling Seattle protesters to converge by 5 PM at Westlake Square for a rally and march to the Federal Building in Seattle. Please spread this event far and wide to create a united front in opposing Kavanaugh.

Let’s stand with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, Anita Hill and all survivors of sexual violence. Let’s show that Kavanaugh’s sexist, racist, anti-LGBT, anti-union bigotry will not be tolerated. Let’s stand together in building a grassroots movement that can demonstrate organized democratic opposition to Kavanaugh, to sexual violence, and to the far right tendencies that he represents!

Socialist Alternative
Radical Women
Seattle Clinic Defense
International Socialist Organization
Social Equity Educators
Party for Socialism and Liberation
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
Refuse Fascism
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington
Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project
Freedom Socialist Party

Please message the Seattle Clinic Defense page to become an official endorsing organization of this event.

**We will need volunteer marshals for this event, if you can volunteer please bring a red bandana and come at 4:30 to Westlake for training**

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