Oct. 3: Fight the Right! Build the Left! Join the Socialists!


Tuesday, October 3
7:00 p.m.
UW Dempsey Hall (DEM) 104

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The Trump administration’s war on working people has emboldened the far right, leading to a rise in violent attacks by extremists and open rallies by the alt-right and the KKK. Democratic politicians have failed to pose a real alternative, instead saying we need to hold back on demands like taxing the rich, single-payer healthcare, and a living wage.

At the same time, the opportunities to build the left and socialist organization are the best they’ve been in decades. We need to mobilize a mass movement to defeat the far right on the streets. At the same time, we must construct a left political alternative that raises people’s hopes and builds solidarity between the struggles of women, immigrants, people of color, and the poor.

Socialism – the politics of a democratic working class movement from below – is the revolutionary answer to right wing populism and neoliberal centrism. Socialist organization must be a central component of this new left if we are going to fight for a better future.

**Dempsey Hall is on the UW Seattle campus. From NE 45th St., head south on Memorial Way NE. Turn left on E Stevens Way NE. Dempsey Hall is on the right side, just after the Bank of America Executive Center.**

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