Dec. 6: Fighting the Right: The United Front Method


Tuesday, December 6
7:00 p.m.
Common Good Cafe
(Downstairs at the University Temple United Methodist Church)
1415 NE 43rd St.
Seattle, WA 98105

With only 25% of the vote, Trump’s presidency doesn’t represent a mandate by the people for his agenda. But rather than fight back against Trump’s plans, the Democratic Party leadership is asking the public to give Trump a chance. This normalization of Trump’s rhetoric and agenda will make it easier for him to deliver on the racist and bigoted promises he made during his campaign.

Luckily millions around the country are looking for ways to actively fight Trump’s agenda, from mass deporations and a Muslim registry, to climate destruction and the gutting of working class living standards. Many of those people voted for Clinton. Others, frustrated with the Democratic Party and the political system, either didn’t vote or voted for a 3rd Party. The question is: how do we unite all those opposed to Trump into a movement that can stop him in his tracks?

It’s clear that the left needs to build broad movements that bring together masses of people to fight against Trump’s agenda. By employing the strategy of the united front, socialists aim to bring together various organizations into large coalitions and in the process, win over some of those people to revolutionary socialist politics and strategies.

Join us for a discussion about the United Front strategy and how socialists, along with other forces who stand against Trump, can start the necessary efforts to bring together coalitions that can beat back Trump’s agenda and hopefully inspire a different vision, based on solidarity and social justice, for our communities.

For some background on the united front, read “Trotsky on the united front” and “German workers and the birth of the united front.”

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