Oct. 11: What Kind of Revolution Do We Need?


Tuesday, October 11
7:00 p.m.
Common Good Cafe
(Downstairs at the University Temple United Methodist Church)
1415 NE 43rd St.
Seattle, WA 98105

Millions of people voted for Bernie Sanders in this year’s Democratic primary and endorsed his call for a “political revolution.” It’s clear that many people are fed up with a system that produces massive wealth for a few alongside poverty, homelessness, and war.

The fight for a socialist society encompasses the fight for better social services and standards of living, but it is also about much more. It’s about fundamentally reorganizing society so that the 99% decide how to run our world, not just who to vote for. This will mean masses of ordinary people being brought into active, ongoing struggle against the oppression and exploitation at the heart of capitalism.

How can such a movement be built? What is the relationship between elections, mass struggle and social transformation? What kind of revolution does this entail?

Join the Seattle International Socialist Organization to debate and discuss these questions and more.

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