Community Event: Stand Up to Bezos’ Bullying: Rally & Pack Council Chambers!

May 9, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Seattle City Hall
600 4th Ave.
WA 98104
Puget Sound Socialists (ISO)

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Sponsored by Councilmember Kshama Sawant and others

Amazon, one of the most powerful corporations in the world, said it will halt construction of a skyscraper downtown, potentially jeopardizing 7,000 construction jobs, if our movement succeeds in forcing the City Council to pass an Employee Hours Tax (EHT) on big business to build publicly owned permanently affordable housing. This is extortion, plain and simple, and a clear sign that we are doing something right! And we need to stand up to Bezos’ bullying!

We cannot take these attacks lightly! Our movement stands in solidarity with all construction workers, and working people who need both affordable housing and decent unionized jobs. Amazon’s threat is not because they cannot afford to pay the tax. Having made a profit of $1.6B just in the first quarter of this year, the tax will be mere pocket change for Amazon. Jeff Bezos and other billionaires are threatening Seattle, because they know that if the movement wins here, it could become the new $15/hour, with other cities also fighting to tax big business to fund affordable housing. So Amazon’s threat is to every city, not just Seattle: if you tax us, we will move the jobs. That is why it is important we win the tax here in Seattle, and just like the $15 minimum wage, make sure it reverberates across the country. Because accepting Amazon’s extortion means an inevitable race to the bottom in all cities.

We have to stand up to Amazon’s bullying and this nationwide and global race to the bottom for workers. We must keep the pressure up in order to win the biggest possible EHT to build affordable housing and fund homeless services.

Join Kshama Sawant, the Affordable Housing Alliance and numerous housing and social justice organizations to send a clear message to Seattle City Councilmembers and Mayor Durkan that our movement won’t accept delays or corporate loopholes. We want a $150 million EHT to build 750 affordable housing units per year and add $30 million annually for homeless services.

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