Community Event: Confronting Race and Empire Today

May 4, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
King County Labor Temple, Hall #1
2800 1st Ave.
Puget Sound Socialists (ISO)

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Sponsored by Red May Seattle

Nikhil Pal Singh, Chandan Reddy, Moon-Ho Jung, Asad Haider, Vanessa Freije (moderator)

Despite a hopeful resurgence of left politics at local scales within the US over the past few years, left internationalism and transnationalism has fractured and atrophied against the backdrop of two decades of the US global war on terror. While Washington centered neoliberalism continues to exert a preponderant force internationally, what Brenna Bhandar calls “possessive nationalism,” focused upon restrictive migration and trade, and racist hostility to ethno-racial and religious diversification within the polity, is resurgent across the global North. Much US and European intra-left debate defaults to de facto nationalism in contending against these more powerful forces, acceding to a framework of citizen-first, domestic politics. Meanwhile, with the important exception of black-led struggles against police violence, a US anti-war movement is mostly non-existent. Where anti-imperialism enters discussions on the left, (generally in relationship to on-going wars in the Middle East), it is abstract, on the fringe, and untethered from existing social forces and struggles. In this discussion we ask what an effective and grounded anti-imperialist politics might look like, emerging from inside the United States today. What are the key points of contention and sites of struggle for reinvigorating anti-imperialist politics? How should we think about the role of US state power in the world? What are the challenges of creating egalitarian linkages and solidarity across borders? What lessons do past left struggles within and against the constraints of the nation-form offer?

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